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Limited stages for a faster print-ready files delivery.

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BRIEF Marketing

Provide ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION for the project creation :

  • Gencod
  • PAM number
  • Design agency FTP link…

COLOR TARGET must be provided in case of new visual (promotion, new variant, innovation).

BRIEF Graphic Chain

Upload of all technical elements

  • technical drawing and layout
  • number of colors
  • printer specifications
  • article code

EXECUTION made by the platform or made from the design agency original file:

  • COLOR OPTIMIZATION (choice & number) to get the printing rendering target (except for images)
  • Integration of the GENCOD & the ARTICLE CODE if available

These 2 elements MUST be provided before switching to the next step


PRINT-READY FILE generation with color separation

  • Pantone integration
  • Printer profile
  • Management of the gradation
  • Trapping, overlap control…

CHECK of the photoengraving Epson received (printer proof). This is the reproduction of the photoengraving pdf previously approved.

Graphic Chain

Validation by Graphic Chain in agreement with the marketing.

PROJECT creation

Project is open by marketing whatever the job is : artwork made by the platform or by a local agency.

Enhanced user interface

The new interface is now fully compatible with all portable devices (smartphone, tablet). Faster responsive interface design with improved viewer for packaging control.

Faster & improved multi-files uploader

Much needed feature allows you now to push your files by drag and drop straight from your desktop to the browser.

Better files status tracking

The new search interface and engine display your document production stage for a better file and status tracking.