Développement de la nouvelle identité


12 years of constantly renewed confidence, Système U chooses Icône for the deployment of its new brand identity on 1500 SKUs in a highly competitive market.


Creation of a dedicated production hub with dedicated project managers on site. Regular steering committees. Design to Print analysis carried out in coordination with the design agency. Implementation of a collaborative solution for on-line control and approval of packaging designs between the design agency, the client and the prepress supplier. A tool for real-time measurement and monitoring of production stages.


Time to market reduced by 25%.

More details

On the solutions used on the Système U case study.

emballage icône
Legendary Logo

Hey it’s the Salient crown, that’s pretty cool actually.

Amazing Logo

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the lines, they’re quite pretty.

Sharp Edges

The Salient logo focus on minimaliistic geometric design.

Ultra Durable

the Salient logo monument is made out of reinforced steel