Centralized production and collaborative platform


Ensure better brand consistency on all print mediums while reducing lead times and costs.


Set up of a production hub at the heart of international Marketing Services Department. Centralization of artwork and repro operations. Implemention of a digital packaging workflow management tool, enabling to monitor real times and relevant KPIs.


Significant quality improvement, overall lead times reduction ranging from 30% to 50% and 70% for repro only. 30% costs savings on all operations.

More details

On the solutions used on the BEL case study.

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Legendary Logo

Hey it’s the Salient crown, that’s pretty cool actually.

Amazing Logo

Sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the lines, they’re quite pretty.

Sharp Edges

The Salient logo focus on minimaliistic geometric design.

Ultra Durable

the Salient logo monument is made out of reinforced steel