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ICÔNE takes the opportunity of its new website launch to renew its visual identity with the aim to better reflect the new dynamics of the company.


Why a new identity ?

This new identity aims at reinforcing the exhaustiveness of our service offering including the ones of our sister companies Pixelis and Flexocolor: a robust organization, a combination of creativity and technical expertise.

The rebranding of ICON is an opportunity to recall the values our Companies adhere to; Enhance the quality of our services as well as the support to our customers and partners, so to increase the popularity of our services and differentiate us from our competitors.

Our new communication

With our new brand identity, we intend to reflects our core values and express a key message that focuses on positioning rather than simply a list of products and services.

We have designed a clean and clean logo, inspiring modernity while using a unique and immediately recognizable character.

The Circle, a figure of protection, is the symbol of unity and perfection, immutable and without variation, it testifies to the commitment and action of ICÔNE in the quality of its services to its customers.

The circumflex Accent directs and gives direction; It emphasizes our consulting-orientated approach and constantly looking toward the future. This sign is also the one who oversees and protects.

The typography of the brand, strong and solid, has been specially redesigned with curves; It reflects our desire for an easy to access and human based organization.

Blue, the legacy of our history, is preserved though deeper and reinforces the sense of assurance, security and unity.
Finally, our new claim, “Brand Keeper”, aims to affirm our commitment to our customers and partners to be the guarantor and the guardian of the consistency of their brands.

What changes ?

This new communication will progressively replace our previous identity from the 17th November (Packaging Show 2016) and will include a revised email addresses format. However the old addresses will always be operational for a smooth transition …

See you soon under the colors of or new brand identity.