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An agile organization to accompany you

throughout your project lifecycle.

Recognized actor for 20 years, ICONE is a specialized production agency
in the design and production of packaging and POS materials.
interlocutor brands and design agencies,
we support the marketing and graphics coordinators
throughout their projects, from design to packaging
validating machine prints.
Our creative culture and our proven industry expertise,
guarantee the respect of creations in accordance with the industrial constraints
and techniques, and this, whatever media or printing processes.
ICONE offers on a single platform
all the skills necessary to achieve the packaging materials;
study, creation, coordination, production and print management.
Following its merger with Flexocolor in 2007,
ICONE has strengthened its leadership in controlling the realization of the printing form
and photopolymer plates, thus ensuring an optimum quality
throughout the production line.
ICONE is a strong, coherent and accessible
which features a combination of know-how and expertise,
rich in the diversity of its components.

An agile community

Icône services combined to the ones of our sister Company Flexocolor results in an understanding of the repro, colour management and print tools manufacturing process which is a second to none. We are a leading provider of High Definition Flexographic printing plates resulting in quality standards that were never achieved before at industrial scale.
Our team of Technical Managers travel throughout Europe to ensure that design integrity and brand consistency achieved on press match our clients’ expectations.

Pixelis employs in excess of 70 designers in the heart of Paris is also part of our community : they ensure perfect understanding of our clients expectations throughout our entire organisation.
Icone is at the heart of the synergy between of our 3 organisations, all blended in a strong creative culture and proven technical expertise.
Our know how and outstanding employees’ skills enable us to adapt quickly to the ever changing market constraints.

The synergy of the

creative expertise
and expertise

With its 200 employees,
our eco-system has
of all building services
and brand activation
to completion
the printer form.
We use our creativity
and our expertise
to help brands generate
positive changes,
sustainable and profitable.


Pixelis is a creative branding agency that works with brands on all their communication territories.
Our fields of action: packaging design, brand platform, visual identity, advertising campaign, digital activation, in-store, editing, etc.


Leading player in the field of flexography, Flexocolor is a production platform specialized in the treatment of color and realization of the image carrier.
The photogravure etching plates or sleeves, our services will guarantee a uniform delivered printed whatever the medium or the printing process.